Painter and Printmaker

All art is lovingly hand carved and painted on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Mostly my inspiration comes from where I live, one of the most biodiverse and unique corners of our planet and home to the best sorts of folks - in my opinion (I'll give you that much for free).


Block Prints

Hand carved and individually pressed using oil based inks on traditional, Japanese Hosho printmaking paper. Due to the printmaking technique, each one is slightly unique.

Acrylic Paintings

Prints are from my original acrylic on canvas paintings. Available on archival, watercolor fine art paper. Several original, acrylic on canvas paintings are available for sale.

Watercolor & Gouache

Prints are from my original watercolor or watercolor + gouache paintings. Available on archival, watercolor fine art paper. No originals are available at this time.


Stay in Touch

You can find me on Instagram @alexan.ehrich, where I post shop updates, art releases and what projects I'm working on. You'll also see what I get into when I'm not carving and painting - usually hiking and fishing with my dog, picking mushrooms and growing stuff in my garden. 


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